« Burritos are what happens when your food hugs itself. »

It’s National Burrito Day – our favourite day of all time. Practically a national holiday in our books! A day where you can eat all the burritos you want and give some recognition to those fluffy tortillas stuffed with proteins, cheese, beans, rice, vegetables, and sauces of your choice.

The History Of Burritos:

A theory once held that the burrito came from Chihuahua during the Mexican revolution in the 1910s. As one story has it, a vendor named Juan Méndez wrapped his food in a flour tortilla, transporting his new creation on a small donkey.

The name burrito also means « Little Donkey ». Fun, right? Who would’ve thought that just 111 years later, that would lead to over 130 BarBurrito locations across the country!

The Best Burrito Toppings:

We all know the basic toppings – rice, beans and a protein – but what about the rest? We have 4 toppings that are proven to be the best tasting when combined on burritos. 

LETTUCE: Adds that extra juicy and hydrating crunch you’re looking for.

SALSA: Talk about adding a little fun! Salsa is the perfect savoury topping with a little bite!

GUACAMOLE: Smooth, creamy, and loving. With hints of garlic and onion, you’ll fall in love with the idea of guac on your burrito. 

JALEPENOS: This one’s for you spice lovers. Want the burrito to bite back when you do? This is the perfect addition for a tangy kick in every bite!

Time to chomp:

So what do you say? Ready to grab a burrito? ‘Cause we are! Plus, order through Skip The Dishes this Thursday, April 1, 2021 for Buy One Get One Free burritos and chomp down on a delicious burrito, personalized to your liking. 

Applies to Regular Burritos. Order online on Skip The Dishes BOGO only on 04/01/21 or in-store only at Port Hope and Fergus location. Excludes Nacho and California burritos, and GF.