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Join the BarBurrito VIP Club for free rewards

Collect points, earn rewards, pay with the app, and get exclusive offers! This app is only available for BarBurrito locations in Ontario, Manitoba, and Quebec.

Redeem your Points!

  • 35 Points = Free Chips & Salsa
  • 70 Points = Free Extreme Chips
  • 120 Points = Free Regular Burrito, Regular Quesadilla or set of 2 Tacos

BarBurrito VIP Club FAQs

How do I earn points?

Scan your QR code during check-out to receive one point for every dollar spent in-store. BONUS! Earn two points for every dollar spent when you pay through the app!

Do my points expire?

No, BarBurrito VIP Points currently do not have an expiry date.

Can I earn points through my delivery service provider?

Unfortunately, points can only be earned through in-store purchases at the moment.

I’m having trouble logging in!

Please reach out to our team at