The weekend is over, Monday is here, and you have to go back to real life. It’s the first day of the week, and something inconvenient is bound to happen to you. It’s like the universe decides to be extra irritating just to see how you’ll react. With that in mind, here are 13 things that you’ll probably experience when you start your Monday.

1. You’ll wake up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off.

Bill Murray breaking an alarm clock

Want to go back to sleep because you’re still tired? Too bad.

2. It will still be dark out when you wake up.

Moon rising

I forgot what sunshine feels like. Canadian winters, eh?

3. You’ll miss the bus because you went back to sleep anyways.


You’re definitely going to be late now, so you might as well take your time.

4. You’ll put the wrong contacts in each eye.

Putting in contact lenses

They both look exactly the same. Someone needs to invent contacts with see-through labels.

5. Since you can’t see, you’ll walk into a table and stub your pinky toe.

Stubbing pinky toe

It’s like the sole purpose of your pinky toe is to accidentally hit it against furniture.

6. Someone on the bus will take up a whole seat with their bag.

Annoyed on Bus

Seriously, what is wrong with humanity?

7. Or if you drive, someone will cut you off.

Car cutting you off

Seriously, what is wrong with humanity???

8. You’ll shoot them a dirty look when you pass by, but they won’t see it.

Giving another driver a dirty look

You really showed them.

9. You’ll find out that you forgot about a deadline.

Throwing away deadlines

Winging it is truly an art form.

10. The WiFi will be slower than it’s ever been.

Slow loading circle

The 10th circle of hell: The more you need the WiFi, the slower it will be.

11. You’ll awkwardly make eye contact with your co-worker through the bathroom stall.

Cat closing bathroom door

Why do they make the slits between the stalls so huge?

12. You’ll realize that you forgot to eat breakfast.

Lay off me, I'm starving

That’s why you’re extra grouchy today.

13. But after a crappy morning, you’ll remember that you can get a hefty burrito for $4.99 every Monday.

Jake from Adventure Time hugging a burrito

Save your Monday with a regular classic burrito for $4.99 (or upgrade to a premium burrito for $5.49)! Find the closest location to you. (Edit: This promotion has now ended).

Mondays suck. (Did we say that already?). All you can do is strap in to the roller coaster and hold on until it’s over – but you can make your Mondays suck less when you visit us. Head into your afternoon with a full belly and a full wallet.