Waking up early, rushing out the door, and long drives on the 401 highway – whether it be to work or to school – can start your week off on the wrong foot. As the long hours drag on through Tuesday, then Wednesday, you may start to feel as if the week is going by much too slowly. The stress is growing, and you just feel off. If you’ve become weary of a boring, long week, get a refresh with custom burrito bowls from BarBurrito!

Whether you are looking for comfort or a way to spice up the week, a burrito bowl might just be what you need! With a variety of flavors and combinations, a burrito bowl can help you take back control of your day. Whether it’s the Monday blues or hump day fatigue, we have the perfect combination for every day of the work week:

Monday: Mild Chicken Bowl

Ease into your week with a classic: Barburrito’s Mild Chicken Bowl. Customize it with tasty favorites like pinto beans, queso, and green salsa. Pair it with a refreshing bottle of Jarritos to glide through your Monday!

Tuesday: Steak Bowl

We have all experienced a 9am Tuesday meeting or midterm exam. Luckily, lunch is one thing you won’t have to stress about! Our signature steak bowl packs a protein punch – perfect for solving equations, presenting your project, or squeezing in lunch and the gym at the same time. Customize it to your own personal tastes!

Wednesday: Spicy Chicken Bowl

It’s Wednesday and your emails are piling, while your social media feeds are full of “Happy Hump Day!” gifs. Lunch time rolls around and you need a pick-me-up, stat. Luckily, BarBurrito has just the kick you need: the Spicy Chicken Bowl. Zesty chicken mixed with all of your favorite toppings creates the perfect lunch or dinner to get you through a midweek slump.

Thursday: Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Bowl

Thursdays are the perfect days to opt for traditional. The weekend is almost over ­– but not quite! The Bean, Cheese, and Guacamole Bowl is perfect for satiating your hunger while giving you the boost you need to get through those end-of-week meetings and projects. With a perfect blend of beans, cheese, and FREE guacamole, you can celebrate the weekend early!

Friday: Jerk Chicken Bowl

Celebrate Friday with the Jerk Chicken Bowl, made with a blend of spices sure to make your taste buds tingle Give yourself the kick you need to make it to 5 o’clock. If you’re feeling extra, pair it with our signature extreme fries to have the perfect fry-day fiesta!

No matter if you’re squeezing in a bite before meetings, or if you simply need a mid-week pick-me-up, BarBurrito has many different options to meet your unique tastes!

Visit one of our stores today and our team will craft each part of your burrito bowl with perfection.