You want it? You got it! The RETURN of BANG BANG SHRIMP IS HERE!!
With the overwhelming request to bring bang bang shrimp back, we are doing what it takes to bring our crispy shrimp tossed in our sweet and sour sauce back on the menu.

Not only is it available in a burrito or a bowl, but this time around it’s also available in tacos! This is what you guys like to pair your Bang Bang Shrimp with:

Photo Credits:, @tastingthesix, @hungrysimo,
@diningwithchrissy, @urbanbao, @eatwithjacq

The perfect way to eat your Bang Bang Shrimp:

Whether you are eating it in a burrito, bowl or taco. We guarantee it tastes just as good. With some beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, your fiesta of toppings and of course our in-house signature burrito sauce to top it off. Oh! and don’t forget to pair it with a Lime Jarrito for a perfect day out on the patio.

Tag us on Instagram @barburritocanada if you end up coming up with a crazy bang bang shrimp combo. Don’t keep it to yourself, share the joy!

Try Bang Bang Shrimp today!

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