BarBurrito Restaurants Inc. collaborates with Chicken Farmers of Canada to source high-quality ingredients to meet Canadian consumers’ preferences.

We are confident in our quality, food safety, animal care, and sustainability standards set by our partnership with Chicken Farmers of Canada.

Raised By Canadian Farmers

  • Over 90% of all of Canadian farms are family-owned and operated. 
  • All Canadian flocks live in large, well-ventilated barns (protected from predators and disease) and are free to roam and access feed and water as they wish. 
  • Canadian chickens are fed a nutritionally balanced diet which changes based on their stage of growth. This diet includes grains, protein-producing seeds, bone meal, vitamins and minerals. 
  • Advancements in nutrition, along with good-breeding programs and improvements in housing conditions are just some of the reasons for the larger, healthier chickens we see today.