The first new BarBurrito restaurant of 2020 opened with a bang at Hurontario and the 407, near Sheridan College and two courthouses. This marks BarBurrito’s 104th location nationwide and 6th location in Brampton.

Jagdeep has been a BarBurrito buff since the first location opened in 2005, back when he worked in IT and finance. He set out to find a business with fresh, healthy, and high-quality ingredients, which led him to where he is today.

At the moment, Jagdeep is working towards establishing his restaurant as the landmark burrito place in the neighbourhood. He hopes to create a meeting space where residents can come enjoy his favourite menu items, like a chicken quesadilla with brown beans. When he isn’t working, he enjoys playing with his kids.

Find them at 7686 Hurontario St at the corner of Hurontario and Ray Lawson Blvd.