If you’re driving down the QEW and you exit on Erin Mills, you’ll pass by our 80th BarBurrito location at 1900 Fowler Drive. Located a short drive from the U of T Mississauga campus, Himanshu (the owner) hopes that this restaurant can introduce fast, fresh, healthy food to the community.

While Himanshu runs this location, he also juggles a full-time 9 to 5 job as a QA manager. As an entrepreneur, he knew he wanted to own a restaurant and BarBurrito stood out from the rest. He shares that the franchising process was transparent and easy, since the steps were organized and laid out clearly. Training with head office has been smooth so far, and Himanshu is learning about the fine details like plating and food waste.

Himanshu ordered a bean & cheese burrito every single week for 3 years, so you can say he’s an expert! If he’s not eating burritos, he’s eating chicken curry, and if he’s not working, he’s on the hunt for more businesses to expand to. Welcome to the team, Himanshu!

Mississauga, you know no shortage of burritos since this is our fourth location in your city. Don’t forget that if you join us on Mondays, you can get your regular burrito or bowl for only $4.99! Find a location near you. (Edit: This promotion has now ended).

What should I eat at your Mississauga restaurant?

We’ve got something for everybody! Walk in and you can choose from 12 types of meat or vegetarian options to put in burritos, quesadillas, and tacos.

Make it even better with a selection of 14 freshly-prepared toppings from corn to beans to diced jalapeños. We make our salsa and guacamole every morning with fresh ingredients and our signature seasoning. To top it off, pick from a spread of 6 gourmet sauces. Layer on burrito sauce or try our fan favourite, Ancho Chipotle!

We’re not stopping anytime soon. Be on the lookout for more locations opening near you!

– Team BarBurrito