TORONTO ON, January 3 – BURRITOBAR, USA Inc. is thrilled to share news of expanded brand growth in Iowa and Connecticut. Through a successful Master Franchise Agreement, the company will be bringing its delicious offerings to customers across Iowa with long-term plans to open 32 stores within the next 2 decades.

Additionally, the company has secured a franchise agreement for 3 locations in Connecticut, further expanding its footprint throughout America. These exciting developments showcase BURRITOBAR, USA Inc.’s commitment to providing high-quality food and exceptional service to customers across the United States.

We’re thrilled to announce that BURRITOBAR, the sister company of barBURRITO, has signed two significant agreements to expand its brand in Iowa and Connecticut. As Canada’s largest and fastest-growing Tex-Mex franchise, barBURRITO is committed to building on its successes throughout North America.

BURRITOBAR has been expanding rapidly and as of today’s date, they operate in three locations in Michigan. However, their growth has not slowed down. In fact, since May of this year, the company has entered into several new agreements to expand their reach even further. In  addition to the new franchise agreements signed for Iowa and Connecticut, these agreements include a 90-store agreement in Florida, a 150-store agreement in North Texas, a 55-store agreement in Colorado, a 3-store Area Development Agreement in Hawaii, and a 3-store Area Development Agreement in Houston. With these exciting developments, BURRITOBAR is well on its way to achieving its expansion goals throughout the United States.  At the start of 2024 BURRITOBAR has commitments for over 330 stores under contract throughout the nation.

As per the Iowa agreement, Purple Plate, LLC has been given the green light to set up a premier establishment that will act as a corporate display for the brand and also double up as a training center. Furthermore, the agreement awards Purple Plate, LLC sole authority to oversee and expand all BURRITOBAR locations within the specified region. Similarly, DJC&M Enterprise LLC has been given authorization for 3 units in the state of Connecticut.

“Purple Plate, LLC has a solid history in franchising, hospitality and finance. Their experience and skills make them an ideal candidate to foster and strengthen our brand.” states Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Alex Shtein. “Their collective expertise and knowledge will be pivotal in achieving sustained success for the long term with the BURRITOBAR brand.”

“This latest development is another step forward in our mission to become a market leader in the Mexican food fast casual segment and exemplifies our commitment to achieving our brand expansion objectives.  In order to accomplish our goals for franchise expansion in the USA, we are utilizing the Master and Area Developer Franchise models. This approach is fundamental to our growth strategy and will enable us to accelerate our reach into new markets across the country.” said Jeff Young, Chief Development Officer. “The USA presents itself as an enormous market with immense potential for long-term growth. We firmly believe that our brand’s reach and expansion will continue to thrive with the support of our valued franchise partners.”

About BURRITObar, USA Inc.

Established in 2005 in Toronto Canada, barBURRITO Fresh Mexican Grill features healthy, fresh, made-to-order Tex-Mex, in a quick serve restaurant format. Since its inception, barBURRITO has grown to become the market leader and with over 295 stores in Canada, the country’s largest and fastest growing Mexican food franchise. In 2020, the company expanded to the United States under the brand BURRITOBAR and has since entered into single unit Franchise Agreements, Area Development Franchise Agreements, and Master Franchise Agreements with commitments to open hundreds of locations throughout the nation.

For further information regarding BURRITOBAR and its expansion plans, please contact Jeff Young at