Introducing the newest addition to our Menu, the Crunchy Fish! Dive into delectable crispy, golden brown, Fish filet – elevated to fresh perfection with a Zesty Lime Crema Sauce!

Whether wrapped in a warm tortilla, nestled in a Bowl, or served in a set of Tacos, our Crunchy Fish promises to entice your taste buds with each satisfying crunch.

3 Reasons We Know You’ll LOVE our Crunchy Fish

1. Next Level Crunch

Breaded, not battered! Each, piece of our Crunchy Fish filet is crafted with an irresistible coat of crispy breading.

2. Flaky, Delicate, Pollock

Crispy on the outside, flaky and delicate on the inside, our Pollock Filets make the perfect protein for your Burritos, Bowls, and Tacos.

3. Leveled up with our Lime Crema Sauce

Made in house, with only the freshest ingredients, our NEW Zesty Lime Crema Sauce is brilliantly paired with our Crunchy Fish for the perfect hint of citrus. Yes, we use REAL Limes and REAL Lime Zest to guarantee both unbeatable flavour and freshness!

Available through the BarBurrito Canada App, walk-in, and through third party delivery services. Premium proteins and premium topping available for an additional cost. Available for a limited time only, at select locations, while supplies last.

*Allergen Alert: Product may contain traces of shrimp.