The newest and only Mexican restaurant in Stouffville just opened up in the same plaza as Starbucks, GoodLife, and Longo’s. With 13 different protein options, 14 different toppings, and 7 different sauces, there’s something for everybody. Try their latest menu feature – the chorizo burrito – with some freshly-made guac and salsa. If burritos aren’t your thing, order a bowl, quesadilla, nachos, or tacos instead!

Owners Amish and Mayuri bring a lot of experience to the table. To prepare, they’ve both spent the last few years working at various pizza and sandwich shops. Their home, where they’ve lived for 4 years, is only a short walk away from the restaurant.

Humble Beginnings

Amish and Mayuri didn’t always plan to own their own restaurant. After Amish finished his Master of Accounting in Australia, he continued on in the accounting field with Vodafone. He was an anomaly because everyone in his family ran their own business, while he was the only one working for somebody else.

Looking to carry on the family tradition, they initially aimed to open an accounting firm for Amish and a restaurant for Mayuri. He quickly realized that spending his day at a cubicle with little to no vacation wasn’t the right move for him. While they investigated sandwich and pizza options, no promising opportunities arose.

Present Day

Finally, a BarBurrito location became available right across from his house. “We’re really attached to Stouffville”, he explained. “The opening process has been good and Zach [who also owns Courtice and Pickering] has been outstanding. He’s guided us through all the steps, provided us with all the support we need, and he goes the extra mile.”

Amish and Mayuri don’t want to stop at just one store; they hope to open more locations down the line. For now, they’re learning the business inside and out so they know right from wrong. He muses, “What’s right isn’t always easy, but cutting corners will affect your business.”

Although Amish’s favourite item off the menu is the bean, cheese and guac burrito, his staple meal is Indian curry. His picky 3-year-old daughter much prefers french fries!

Say hello to them at 5777 Main St.