Gluten-Friendly Burritos

If you’re Gluten-free or are simply looking for the perfect wrap that fits your diet – we have exciting news! We are proud and excited to introduce our new Gluten-Friendly Burritos! All of our BarBurrito locations across Canada are now serving the same, delicious burritos — gluten-friendly.

Gluten-Friendly Proteins

Mild Chicken
Spicy Chicken
Ground Beef
Pulled Pork

Gluten-Friendly Toppings

Black & Pinto Beans
Mexican Rice
Red Salsa
All Veggies
All Sauces
*Except Bang Bang and Nashville Sauce

FAQ about our Gluten-Friendly Burritos

Are the Gluten-Friendly Tortillas Certified Gluten-Free?

Yes, our new gluten-friendly burritos are made with certified gluten-free tortillas, making them the perfect base for your burrito wrap. Just ask for a gluten-free tortilla during your next visit! 


Where are the Gluten-Friendly Tortillas stored?

Our employees take the extra care to prevent the gluten-free tortilla from coming into contact with flour products. In an effort to prevent cross-contamination, we’ve created a storage for the gluten-free tortillas separate from flour tortillas.


What further steps are being taken?

Gloved employees will carefully pull a gluten-free tortilla wrap from its packaging and place it on a piece of parchment paper. Then, the tortilla is transferred between two pieces of parchment paper, onto the tortilla press. Despite the parchment paper, the tortilla will still remain its toasty and warm usual self. 

Then, your burrito is created on the prep station, all while remaining on the parchment paper to prevent it from touching surfaces that have come into contact with flour products. Finally, the gluten-friendly burrito carefully encased in parchment paper is placed in the grill, toasting your burrito to perfection. 

Our gluten-free tortilla wraps are certified gluten-free. BarBurrito Canada is not a certified gluten-free facility. Although many precautions are put in place to prevent cross-contamination, flour products are still sold and available at each of our locations – creating a risk for cross-contamination. For a complete list of products that contain gluten, please see our Allergen Guide