At BarBurrito, customization is key! We believe that everyone should have the freedom to create a meal that not only suits their tastebuds, but their dietary needs as well! That is why we are so proud have Gluten-Friendly options in almost all of our 250+ locations.

Gluten Friendly Tortillas

Our Gluten Friendly Tortillas are Certified Gluten-Free! They are stored away from our regular flour tortillas and always toasted in between two pieces of parchment paper to prevent cross contamination.

What else can I get?

Whether you are jazzing up your Burrito, or building the perfect Burrito Bowl, we have so many gluten friendly toppings and proteins to choose from! For a complete list of products that contain gluten, please see our Allergen Guide.

Gluten-Friendly Community Love

Our commitment to quality ingredients, safe preparation practices, and customization options make us a top choice for those seeking a Gluten Friendly dining experience. Haven’t tried our Gluten Friendly options yet? ORDER TODAY!

BarBurrito Canada is not a certified gluten-free facility. Although many precautions are put in place to prevent cross-contamination, flour products are still sold and available at each of our locations – creating a risk for cross-contamination.