Halloween night is the perfect excuse to grab a Burrito, Bowl or Taco of your choice, and watch all your favourite scary movies. Here are some of our favourite Menu Items that we think would pair perfectly with your spooky flick of choice!

Northern Reaper Burrito

Love a good scare? Turn up the fright factor with our Northern Reaper Burrito! We think there’s no better way to watch a horror movie than with a Burrito that’s SO spicy, it’s Scary!

Barbacoa Burrito Bowl

Haunted by chilling scenes from horror films? Thaw those goosebumps with our hearty Barbacoa Bowl! We think our sweet and savoury Barbacoa Bowl is just what you need to keep you cozy and prepared for any scary movie!

Bang Bang Shrimp Street Tacos

Scary movies are even more fun when watching with friends! Our Street Tacos are not only delicious, they are easily sharable. So, gather your crew, grab some Tacos, and dive into the thrills together!

What’s your go-to BarBurrito Order?

Visit your nearest BarBurrito location and let us know which of these spooky dishes was your favourite!