Oh hey there! You must be here looking for a new experience. Well, you’ve come to the right place! It seems as if every time we’d like to try something new, we have to book a plane ticket or jump on a train to travel far and wide in search of these new experiences. But there’s great news. We’ve done all the traveling for you and have brought 6 new, world-class, specialty flavours to your neighbourhood BarBurrito starting on Monday, April 16th!

Mole Chicken Burrito

Our first #MagnificentSix burrito is intensely flavourful. It’s sweet with a spicy kick! Mole is a culinary staple in Mexico, it’s generally made from a variety of chili peppers, spices and chocolate! That’s right, chocolate! It’s become a favourite of ours and we can’t wait for you to try it!

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burrito

This #MagnificentSix burrito is for all our spice lovers out there. It’s tangy, spicy and it’s gonna light up your tastebuds and even your soul!! If you like hot wings, tuck your napkin in your shirt and take a bite! #NoBucketsNeeded!

Butter Chicken Burrito

This #MagnificentSix burrito uses a mild curry sauce that ignites your palate with invigorating flavour. There’s a reason why it’s such a famous Indian dish! One bite and you’ll be hooked!

Jerk Chicken Burrito

Is it July already? This #MagnificentSix burrito brings mouth-watering, Caribbean flare to our exciting lineup. The jerk sauce we use is made with traditional Jamaican spices and ingredients that will make you want to wave your flag and say Yeah! Don’t miss this one!

Nacho Burrito

Your 2 favourite foods in one dish? Is that even possible? Well, we’ve done it! The Nacho burrito brings your favourite Burrito and Nachos TOGETHER in the same tortilla or bowl! We fill this baby up with your favourite protein and toppings then add fresh tortilla chips and cheesy queso sauce that’ll take every bite to the highest levels of a cheesy, crunchy, sanctuary.

California Burrito

Grab your surf board and come down to a BarBurrito! This #MagnificentSix burrito combines three of the best things on earth – burritos and crispy french fries with queso! Originating from San Diego, this recipe became wildly popular down south and now we’ve brought it up to the great white north!

If fresh is how you like it, you’re in the right place. Find your nearest BarBurrito location. We look forward to meeting you!

BarBurrito – Raise the Bar!