Elora and Fergus (part of Centre Wellington) are home to some of the most scenic spots in Southwestern Ontario. Connected by The Grand River, the area boasts of not one, but two conservation areas, including the hidden gem Elora Gorge. Visitors can hike, tube, or kayak to admire the spectacular views of the 22 metre cliffs that surround the valley. With their natural beauty and old world charm, it’s easy to see why these towns draw in huge crowds every summer. The gorgeous scenery and historic culture are a few reasons why BarBurrito franchisees Kauresh and Jigar were captivated by the neighbourhood.

Taking the Dive

Kauresh and Jigar are business partners who both worked for other companies before taking the dive to open their own businesses. Kauresh spent 11 years in pharmaceutical manufacturing when he realized he wanted to switch gears. He enjoyed cooking and talking to people, so moving into the food industry was a natural shift. He started franchising with BarBurrito in Etobicoke, where Jigar visited and started a partnership.

Their top priority for the restaurant is customer satisfaction. “Everything comes after that”, explains Kauresh. Jigar says, “I’m still pretty busy working at my other job, but I don’t mind driving here for an hour everyday if that’s what we need.”

While they both enjoy the bean and guac bowl, Kauresh’s recent switch to veganism has him trying new recipes. “My wife is vegetarian, so I’m learning more about cooking for myself”, he shares. “Currently I love making salads and smoothies, but at a restaurant I would order a spicy vegetable dish with gravy.” An ex-vegetarian, Kauresh turned to veganism for his health after experiencing conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol. After 3 months, he didn’t need medicine at all.

On the other hand, Jigar isn’t vegan and he loves paneer (a fresh Indian cheese). “I don’t get any free time”, he laughs, “but if I do then I love taking long drives anywhere. Summer in this area is going to be really beautiful.”

What to Eat

BarBurrito has something for everybody! Walk in and you can choose from 12 types of meat or vegan protein to put in burritos, quesadillas, and tacos.

Make it even better with a selection of 14 freshly-prepared toppings from corn to beans to diced jalapeños. We make our salsa and guacamole every morning with fresh ingredients and our signature seasoning. To top it off, pick from a spread of 6 gourmet sauces. Layer on burrito sauce or try our fan favourite, Ancho Chipotle!

Visit the BarBurrito in Fergus at 882 Tower St South, between McDonald’s and Starbucks.