The Northern Reaper has brought some SERIOUS HEAT to the North. We’ve been having the best time seeing all of you take on the Northern Reaper Challenge and have noticed some similarities in the way you take on Canada’s Hottest Burrito. Here are 3 types of Northern Reaper Challenge Takers!

1. The Heat-Deflectors!

Whether it’s Ice Cream or extra bottles of water, these spice seekers come prepared with all the necessary heat deflectors! We’re all about that spice-ready savviness!

2. The Flame Masters

This is not their first rodeo. They are seasoned spice connoisseurs and love the thrill of capsaicin. Hats off to you!


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3. The Fashionably Late Heatwave

These challenge takers always have a strong start, until the heat kicks in! Never underestimate the the Northern Reaper. It’s only a matter of time before the heat creeps up on you!


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Which one are you? Are you well prepared? A spice superhero? Or late to the spice party? Leave a comment on our TikTok and make sure to follow for more Burrito fun!