Lost on How to Craft Your Perfect Valentine’s Day Date? We Have Ideas for You!

It’s no secret that we’ll have to try even harder this year to make our loved ones feel special on Valentine’s Day. Things like exchanging Valentine’s cards with classmates, sending candygrams, or going out to a fancy dinner have become much more complicated this year with lockdown. However, you can still create a magical Valentine’s Day date for your loved ones, from the comfort of your own home!

Before we dive into the perfect date idea, we need to break down what factors make the perfect Valentine’s Day date. From candies, chocolates, and flowers – to a dinner they’ll remember for years to come, there is a lot you can do to ensure this Valentine’s Day is perfect.

What Makes A Great Valentine’s Day Date

There is a specific recipe to the perfect Valentine’s Day date that is a well-kept secret. (Don’t worry, we’ll let you in on it).

Tip #1: Setting

The first ingredient to the perfect date is the setting and atmosphere. If it’s a fancy date, pull out the fine china or a table cloth. If it’s snacks and a movie, arrange your living room to feel like a movie theatre. That might look like string lights on a guided path and a counter with movie snacks. Next, know your date! If it’s a partner, think back to what they find fun. If you are planning a Valentine’s Day extravaganza for you kids, that might look like handmade envelopes and Valentine’s Day cards. For your partner, that might be getting dressed fancy for a Black-Tie theme.

Tip #2: The Bells and Whistles

valentines day chocolate

Here’s how to take your Valentine’s Day date to the next level. Often, it’s the smallest things people remember the most. With that in mind, what Valentine’s Day is complete without flowers and chocolate? Whether they’re ordered, store bought, or wild, flowers make a world of a difference in romanticizing Valentine’s Day. However, flowers come as a pair – with the sweeter side of Valentine’s Day, chocolate.

Tip #3: The Menu

A Valentine’s Day date is not complete without delicious food. As the infamous saying goes:

The way to a loved one’s heart is through their stomach.

An easy way to do that is to cook or order all of their favorite foods. Even with a lockdown, you can still have the perfect dinner for two or the family, delivered to your door!

We Can Help Make Valentine’s Day Easy

Whether you’re celebrating with a spouse, a family, or have decided to take some much-needed solo time, BarBurrito can help make your Valentine’s Day date easy. With all three of these tips for the perfect date in mind, you can create a memorable Valentine’s Day at home. Tip #1, the atmosphere: get up, get dressed, and have fun transforming your home into the perfect date location! Whether that’s a fancy dinner for two or a family fiesta, your home is already filled with the tools you need to arrange the perfect atmosphere.

Tip #2, CHOCOLATE! You always need a sweet treat on Valentine’s Day, and while you may be wary about making a trip to the store, we have the perfect solution: chocolate dipped churros. Chocolatey, sweet, and the best part? Delivered to your door. Tip #3, the menu: BarBurrito offers custom-made burritos, tacos, and more to fit you and your loved one’s unique tastes. There are many different options available to fit a different diet, whether that be keto, gluten-free, or vegan as well. Contact your local BarBurrito to craft your perfect Valentine’s Day date… and burrito.

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