Your favourite BarBurrito sauce may reveal more about you than you think! Keep reading to find out what your go-to says about you!  

Signature Burrito Sauce

You’re the kind of person who can’t have a Taco, Burrito Bowl or Burrito without at least a couple sauces! You’re the funniest out of your friend group, quick with the jokes and you always have a saucy comeback! 

Northern Reaper Sauce

Saying you “like spice” is the understatement of the century, spicy is who you are. You’re a big personality and the first person that people notice at a party.

Bang Bang Sauce

You love our Bang Bang Sauce because it can be hard for you to decide between sweet and sour. You might love a relaxing night in but that you can also ROCK a night out with friends! 

Sour Cream

Those that get it, get it. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need much to be satisfied. You’re the most reliable in your friend group and the one everyone goes to when they need advice or a shoulder to lean on. 

Whats Your Favourite?

Head to your nearest BarBurrito location and treat yourself to a delicious Burrito Bowl, Taco or Burrito topped with your go-to sauce today.