Street Tacos are officially available across Canada, so let’s see what your go-to order says about you!

Cheesy Beef

You are the easy going one of the friend group, and your philosophy is “go with the flow”. You are always down for whatever is planned and bring only the good vibes!

Sweet Carnitas

Just like this Taco, you are the sweetest person ever! You are considerate, caring, and have a knack for always picking up with others are feeling. You are everyone’s comfort person.

Bang Bang Shrimp

You love adventure and can’t sit still for too long! You’re always looking for the next big experience and love a good adrenaline rush.  

Nashville Chicken

You are the life of the party! You have a great sense of humour, and always know how to bring people together.

Veggie Crunch

You are energetic, bold, and a natural-born leader! You love to plan activities for all of your friends and are not afraid to step out of your comfort zone to take charge!

Have YOU tried our Street Tacos yet?

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