After all of the events of 2020, the new year has snuck upon us quietly – with most people celebrating the end of the year at home. 2021 brings with it the promise of change, emotionally, mentally, and physically. With a greater sense of one’s health and wellness, we want to help you hack your burrito – so you can eat good while feeling great. There are a number of ways you can hack your burrito to both fit a diet or to fit a healthier lifestyle choice. With burrito recipes handcrafted with local ingredients, BarBurrito has everything you need to reinforce a healthier lifestyle choice. From keto, gluten-free, vegan burritos and burrito bowls, to fresh locally-sourced ingredients, these burrito recipes will have your stomach saying gracias while exciting your taste buds.

Burrito Recipe Hack #1: Whole Wheat Burrito

Did you know that on most burritos, you can cut calories, sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar just by ordering a whole wheat burrito? Ordering a lean protein, like chicken, on a whole wheat tortilla can be a pro-health option. Upgrade your burrito today with a whole wheat tortilla option.

Burrito Recipe Hack #2: Avoiding the Rice Base

For those select burrito VIPs, we’re going to let you in on a secret: a lettuce base. Whether you’re looking to cut carbs, switch up your gluten-free bowl, or increase your vegetable intake – a lettuce base is a great option (and yes – you can order it that way!). Fresh, crisp lettuce is the happy medium between a delicious burrito and a flavourful salad. Asking for a nacho option can quickly transform your burrito bowl into a fun take on a taco salad.

Burrito Recipe Hack #3: For the Dedicated Calorie Counter

We all know someone who has tried calorie counting as a way to slim down, shave a few pounds, or to simply live healthier. Did you know there is a way to count calories before ever stepping into a BarBurrito? With our online nutritional calculator, you can select your specific burrito, toppings, and condiments before your visit or online order. Try it out on a burrito, bowl, quesadilla, or tacos here.

Hack Your Burrito Today at Your Local BarBurrito

With these not-so-secret burrito hacks, you can create a delicious and healthier burrito option that will WOW your taste-buds. The best part? All of our ingredients are sourced locally, grown and sold by Canadian businesses, meaning you’re supporting the greater community just by crafting a delicious burrito! Visit your local BarBurrito today and to try out one of these tasty burrito hacks.